About me

My name is Vladimir and I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I am passionate about software development in general and have only two levels of participation in anything I do: committed and not involved. If it does not stir my passion then it isn't worth wasting time on it.

I am a software developer and have been since the days when we used to be called programmers. I have worked in more languages than I care to admit. I love and enjoy what I do. Especially maintenance and clean-up of existing projects. Most prefer to develop something from scratch. I am the opposite. I love to improve and fix.

I am a consultant by nature. Solving real problems on a tight deadline gets me motivated. Working in phases is my preferred approach for any project, especially a fixer-upper. First, get the show stoppers out of the way. It may not be pretty to look at but it works and takes the pressure off. Later as I learn my way around the code-base, I enjoy taking the time to hone tools, look into dark corners, refactor and optimize. Over a relatively short time period all the warts and pimples get taken care of and new functionality is added. I prefer to work iteratively, with multiple improved deliverable results reaching the end user. I always prefer delivering results over promises of "the ultimate solution, real soon now."

Any software is only perfect until you think of a better structure or implementation, or encounter a use-case which the current implementation cannot handle. So I regard discussions of the "perfect" solution in software as naive at best and deluded at worst.

Like a poem, no software is ever finished. It is merely abandoned.

The launch of the commercial version of the Markdown Navigator plug was completed, with its expected hiccups and glitches. Markdown Navigator has hit almost 2M downloads in its first year.

The foundational must have features are implemented and stabilized. I took some time to implement my own Markdown parser flexmark-java with the features and performance I wanted. It got Markdown Navigator to become not only the best Markdown plugin based on its feature set but also the fastest in its typing response.

flexmark-java is gaining in popularity for projects migrating from pegdown or simply needing to work with markdown documents in Java. It is CommonMark (spec 0.28) compliant with lots of extensions and tweaking options including Markdown Formatter, PDF renderer, docx renderer based on the docx4j library.

I restrained my passion about improving and honing my development environment to a plugin for IntelliJ: Mia: Missing In Actions which adds all the code editing goodies I missed from my own editor.

The spit and polish phase, which is my favourite, can now be done at a more leisurely pace, at least in theory.

I am available for short and long term projects and reachable at vladimir@vladsch.com